Business Strategy Assessment

A business strategy is a leadership plan that achieves a specific set of goals or objectives such as increasing sales, decreasing costs, entering new markets, or developing new products or services. 



  • Fair Compensation

  • Job Security

  • Ethical Conduct/Treatment


  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • High-Quality Product

  • Ethical Conduct/Treatment


  • Maximize Profits

  • Grow Market Share

  • High Return on Investment


  • Adhere to Regulations/Laws

  • Increase Employment

  • Ethical Taxation Reporting


  • Professional Association

  • Increase Employment

  • Ethical Recycling


  • Reliable Contracts

  • Responsible Production

  • Ethical Materials Handling

1. How are you addressing these stakeholders' interests?

2. What are your business strengths (internal)?

3. What are your business weaknesses (internal)?

4. What are the business opportunities (external)?

5. What are your business threats (external)?

6. In your industry, is the buyer power high or low?

7. What is the risk of new entrants?

8. In your industry, is the supplier power high or low?

9. Who are your competitors?

10. How intense is the rivalry among existing competitors?

11. Which generic business strategy does your business intend to use?

12. Why did you choose this strategy for your business?

13. What are your Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators?

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