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Alex Chompff
Mr. Chompff has been working closely with entrepreneurs for over 20 years. After serving as a United States Marine, Mr. Chompff directed technology for the world’s largest venture capital firms throughout the height of the .com boom, supporting many funded startups through their initial-growth cycles.  Since then, he has co-founded several startups, designed and administers the IT Portfolio Management System of the California State Legislature.Today, Mr. Chompff works with teams of investors and advisors to help early-stage entrepreneurs establish viable businesses, bring offers to market, seek professional investment and rapidly scale up.
Marsha Rogers

Ms. Rogers has been working in the technology industry for the last 17 years. After serving in the US Army, Ms. Rogers began working as an Operations Manager for one of the fastest growing technology companies in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Since 2009, Ms. Rogers has been using her technical background and creative energy to help businesses with their local SEO needs. Ms. Rogers found her other passion teaching Business Technology at local community colleges the last 5 years throughout the Sacramento area. 

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